Ric Steininger Gallery

Welcome to the Ric Steininger Gallery website, herein I invite you to experience my collection of limited edition photographic art.

My collection of photographic images have been capture on traditional photographic film using a dramatic large 17x6cm panoramic camera. My current collection has taken over 15 years to put together and includes photography from around Australia and the world, including recently USA.

Captured on this wonderful large panoramic format produces a fantastic result. The impression that it gives is like looking out a window into the pristine scene.

My collection has been released exclusively as limited edition hand signed and numbered photographic prints, a gift collection range is also available. The collection is showcased in three photographic books: "Ric Steininger Gallery Collection", "Impressions of Australia" and "Impressions of Cairns".

I welcome you to come visit my gallery here in Cairns, if you can't then please enjoy my Web-Gallery. My books, gift range and limited edition prints are all available on-site for purchase, I personally guarantee that all products will arrive in perfect condition.

Ric Steininger Signature

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